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Getting your Portafold caravan insured




Most car insurance policies will only insure your caravan or trailer whilst it is actually attached to your car. A separate insurance policy is required for whenever the caravan is detached from the car. To date I have only been able to find five companies that are willing to quote a premium for insuring a Portafold.  As a rule companies that insure modern caravans will not insure any that are over 20 years old.  If you know of any other companies that will insure a Portafold please let me know, my details are on the 'contact us' page.


'The Caravan Club' Insurance Services – They were very helpful when giving me a quote and I've been with them for several years now, but you must be a member of the club before you can purchase their insurance.  Membership of 'The Caravan Club' (0800 328 6635) in 2013 costs £43 (if paying by direct debit). They won't do an agreed value policy.

01342 336610


Club Care Insurance Services – The insurance side of 'The Camping & Caravanning Club'. You must mention whether you have an awning you wish to insure as this will have to be quoted for separately. They won't do an agreed value policy.

0800 124 4633


K. Drewe Insurance Brokers - They won't give you a quote over the phone as they require photos to ascertain the condition, but they are competitive. Incidently, these are the brokers that Footman James use.

01299 404050


Armon, Heath & Dane Insurance Brokers - Very friendly, but they have to email their underwriters all the details, plus they require photos from you before they can give you a quote.

0800 413545


Shield Total Insurance - Forum member Jan (bigbird) found this company and is using them herself for her Portafold. They won't do an agreed value policy.

0800 393033 or 01277 243004 or 0115 934 9800




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