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All the parts I have sourced so far are exact replacements for the parts originally fitted by the factory, unless I state otherwise. Occasionally the parts are modern reproductions, but all the parts I sell are the best possible quality. There may be other sites online offering 'Portafold' parts but most are either the wrong part completely, the wrong size, the wrong fittings or the wrong finish. If you have any queries feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Portafold Locking Door Handles
Portafold Roof Lifting Handle
Portafold Rear Light Unit
  Portafold Rear Light Lens
  Portafold Red Rear Lens
  Portafold Wheel Nut
Portafold Door Window Rubber
  Portafold Door Window Glass
Portafold Wall Lifting Handle
Portafold Window Catch
Portafold Door Hinge Pin
Portafold Wall Hinge
Portafold Wall Hinge Rivets
Portafold Leather Roof Strap
Portafold Front Leather Roof Strap
Portafold Wall Sealing Foam Strips
Portafold Window Stay
Portafold Badge
Portafold Hub Cap
Portafold Mug 2014
Portafold Mug 2015
Portafold Mug 2016
Portafold Mug 2017
  Portafold Mug 2018
  Portafold Mug 2019
  Portafold Mug 2021
Portafold Awning Rail Set
Waterproof Breathable Covers  
Portafold Waterproof Breathable Cover
Cushion Foam Sets  
Portafold Cushion Foam Set
Breakaway Cable Portafold Breakaway Cable
Window Catch Flower Knob   Portafold Window Catch Flower Knob
LED Light Panel   Portafold LED Light Panel
Metal Window Catch   Portafold Metal Window Catch
Completely New Roofs   Portafold Roof



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