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Cushion Foam Set



I can supply complete sets of cushion foam as per the original factory sizes. The sets are industry quality foam, with a firmness that's suitable for sleeping on at night and sitting on during the day. The original thickness of the cushions supplied by the factory was 3" thick, with the 'deluxe' cushion option at 4" thick. (Please note though: the 4" thick cushions don't store properly in the walls, and speaking from personal experience 3" is definately the preferred thickness.)

Please Note: The original brochures don't quote the correct cushion sizes.

This is high quality professional foam, supplied direct from a trade supplier to caravan/motorhome trimmers, nothing like the cheap foam you'll find on eBay.

All the foam sets are cut to your custom dimensions (unless specified, I supply them to factory measurements), come wrapped with stockette and delivered direct to your door. I can also supply extra cushions if you want to make up more bed space.



Price dependant on your choice of cushions.

Portafold Cushion Set

Portafold Cushion Foam Set


Portafold Cushion Wrapped in Stockinette

Portafold Cushion Foam (wrapped in stockinette)


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